Forty Squares has acquired 100 percent of Noris Fresh Produce (Pty) Ltd, trading as Golden Harvest. Golden Harvest has been supplying fresh produce for over three decades. The company has built up a reputation for working closely with growers in South Africa and abroad providing quality fresh produce throughout the season.

Golden Harvest has established relationships across the industry and value chain, with a high degree of confidence in its ability to deliver value for suppliers and clients. Golden Harvest has a significant client and suppliers base and has a range of channels to market. The company also has an operational asset base and infrastructure that can be optimized.

Based in Cape Town where three branches work hand in hand: Golden Harvest Local (GHI), situated next to Cape Town Market, Golden Harvest International (GH), our international branch; and Golden Harvest Philippi (GHL), our packing facility adding value to our service supply. The Johannesburg facility, Golden Harvest Johannesburg (GHJ), services the three market channels: wholesale, retail, and the informal market channel.

Golden Harvest is an important link of the national food security value chain (’pick to pot’) by ensuring that fresh produce reach our consumers whereever they are, through mass retailers or informal traders.

Langfontein Farm

Forty Squares through the Golden Harvest Supply Company has a stake in the Langfontein farm in the Eden district. The farm, situated in the picturesque Langkloof on the slopes of the Tsitsikamma Mountains, boasts 85.5 hectares of deciduous fruit orchards. Some of the produce harvested on the farm include nectarines, pears, and apples.

The farm is currently operated as a strategic partnership and joint venture between Golden Harvest and Rica’s Fruit with government as a primary stakeholder. Golden Harvest offers access to a commercial platform, distribution, marketing expertise and production financing assistance. Forty Squares along with Golden Harvest aims to expand the network of emerging black farmers entering the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain. Currently, there are 35 permanent workers and during harvest time 90 seasonal workers are employed. We aim to increase production at the farm and create more employment opportunities.

Our prospects at the farm will include greater collaboration with the department of agriculture through the farmer development support unit as well as, involvement with international organizations to assist and support in developing emerging farmers from planting, marketing and sales of their produce.