About us

Forty Squares (Pty) Ltd is a majority black-owned investment holding entity in the agribusiness sector. The key founders of Forty Squares have combined experience in the fresh produce market and enterprise development within the agribusiness environment for over 30 years. Whilst building up networks over the years, Forty Squares has built up its management capacity in order to undertake new opportunities both within the public and private sector.

Forty Squares sees the opportunity to create transformative agri-business sector that enables emerging farmer’s access to markets, and capital (social, human and financial). In doing so creating an enabling business environment that impacts positively on the economy both nationally and regionally.

We are committed to collaborating and developing partnerships with industry leaders, stakeholders and communities in growing the agricultural economic base, employment and investment. We are strategically placed within the agri-business sector through our acquisition of the Golden Harvest fresh produce wholesale supplier, distributor and logistics company. Through Golden Harvest, we are positioned to create meaningful and sustainable economic opportunities and participation within agri-sector. We are committed to empower people to participate in the economy and produce for profit- sustainable market-based solutions.

Our Vision

To enhance opportunities for emerging participants in the agricultural value chain.

Our Mission

To partner and scale up emerging agri-businesses to compete as potential market leaders by instilling to sustainable business, environmental and governance practices.

Our Team

Yaseen Davids

Director of Forty Squares (Pty) Ltd
Yaseen Davids possesses the technical knowledge of the agri-retail fresh produce industry acquired over 30 years as an entrepreneur, international fresh produce and dry commodities trader and businessman. He has worked closely with some of the most trusted brands and producers across Southern Africa and thus has extensive knowledge in market development. Yaseen has worked closely with workers in the informal trading arm of fresh produce and is actively involved in creating employment opportunities for informal traders.

Faiek Davids

Director of Forty Squares (Pty) Ltd
Faiek Davids has an extensive public service career spanning more than two and a half decades, which includes senior positions in various public governance institutions. Faiek continues to drive the core values of good corporate governance and responsible corporate citizenship through the group. He strives to translate his wealth of leadership, strategic and institutional development expertise in developing Forty Squares to lead agricultural transformation and foster sustainable job creation in the agricultural industry.